We're all for preventing pets from being lost.

So if your pet wanders off, we’re here to help.

Planning ahead to prevent losing a pet is your smartest move. But we understand that pets will be pets. A dog or cat can venture off on a whim, from a distraction, or simply through a door that was left open.

So that's why we offer you tools to help you recover your pet when the unimaginable happens.

It starts with free registration and tagging.

Pets that have some form of identification have a greater chance of being returned than those that do not.

Which is why we’ve made registering for free tags so easy. Fill out a short form with your contact info and pet’s description. Then a tag with an I.D. number will be sent to you. Be sure to return to the site to complete your registration once you receive your new tag number.

Every registered pet owner gains access to tools.

Being prepared can help make a difference in preventing or recovering a lost pet. Your kit includes:

  • Pet tags
  • Lost pet tips
  • Instant lost-pet flyer
  • Pet care discounts
  • Online pet networks

What happens if a lost pet is found?

If your pet is registered with Get Me Home, it’s a no-brainer. Your found pet will have a tag. The person finding your pet will see the I.D. number and our website address.

Once he or she inputs the number into the found pet online tool, your contact info will be revealed. Upon contact, you can set up a time to retrieve your dog or cat.

Lost Pet Prevention: What you can do now.

  1. Keep a watchful eye.
    Being aware of your pet’s whereabouts throughout the day is important.
  2. Get a collar and leash.
    Having your pet leashed when in public will keep it from unexpectedly running off.
  3. Beware: Noisy holidays & parties.
    July 4th celebrations, parties with open doors, and moving are just a few of the times you need to keep your pet secure.
  4. Plan ahead. Create a lost pet kit.
    Have photos, pre-made flyers and lists of local shelters securely in 1 place.
  5. Remember, a loved pet is a tagged pet.
    I.D. tags, along with implanting a microchip, can be very helpful in the unfortunate event that your pet becomes lost.

Get Me Home FAQs.

Why do I need an I.D. number for my pet’s tag?

Your privacy is important to us. Our tags don’t display your contact info. It is displayed online only after someone inputs the I.D. number.

What’s the cost for registering a pet?

Get Me Home is available at no charge to you. The program is sponsored by one of the top pet health care companies, Merial, because the safety of your pet is important to us.

Are lost pets tagged by Get Me Home successfully returned home?

Over the years, Get Me Home has helped successfully return pets to their pet owners. But additional preventive measures to ensure your pet won't wander off are still recommended.

If someone finds my lost pet, how do I know he or she will get my contact info?

If your pet is properly registered and tagged, your pet’s I.D. number and the Get Me Home Web address is clearly marked in plain sight.

Why do I need a lost-pet flyer if I’ve registered and tagged my pet?

Owners who plan ahead have a greater chance of pet recovery. Creating a lost pet flyer along with tagging are some of the actions you can take now to be prepared.

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