Look for the Get Me Home tag number.

Other found pet tips and considerations.

  1. Return the pet to its owner.
    If the pet owner is easily identifiable, contact the owner and arrange delivery.
  2. If you see a vet I.D. or if the pet is injured, go to the vet.
    Just remember, you may be responsible for any charges incurred at the vet’s office.
  3. Call or drop off to a shelter or animal control agency.
    If you’re not able to care for the pet, a shelter or agency can. Most of them can scan for microchip identification, too. Find a local shelter here.

  4. Keep the pet at your home.
    Just continue to try to locate the owner. As always, use caution with any unfamiliar animal.
  5. Found Pet Online Resources:
    Here are some other resources with info about handling a lost pet you’ve found:
  • Once returned, consider the feelings of the lost pet owner.
    It’s best not to scold a pet owner no matter what the circumstances. Accidents do happen. And remember, returning a lost pet is a good deed. Feel proud.