​Lost a pet? We’re here for you.

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If you lose a pet, keep your cool.
Then see below for easy-to-follow instructions.

  • Playing hide and seek?
    Befo​re you report a missing pet, make sure he or she is not hiding in some place in your home.​​

  • Work the phone.
    If your search turns up empty, start calling the local shelter or animal control agencies—and your vet.

  • News Flash. I’ve lost my pet.
    Next, put out word with family and friends about your loss. Also, create and post lost pet flyers.

  • Canvas the neighborhood.
    Reach out to neighbors, roam the streets around your house, and ask around. Also, try to pinpoint how your pet got away.

  • Go online.
    There are many online networks for reporting a lost pet. Search them out and post a pet photo with contact info.

  • Keep at it.
    Don’t give up. Your search may take days for a successful return.

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